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We are Nature

Children are like flower Seeds in the garden called Life

What are you cultivating in your Garden?

Fragrant and wise flowers or harmful and prickly weeds…?

NatureEnglish is the best way for:

pleasant and effective English learning, developing an innate potential of a child

all-round development, integrating and using natural human capabilities and the surroundings to the maximum

creating the ideal context for everyday intercourse with English

providing essential stimuli to absorb the optimal amount of knowledge


NatureEnglish is exceptional because of:

unique and licensed programme and proven methods of teaching

extraordinary language diversity and animation – theatre, stories, songs, poems, art

innovative method combining language learning with development of healthy lifestyle awareness and sensitivity for the world surrounding us

multi-sensor manual and kinetic activities

we also teach through theatre, at the same time encouraging collective play and interaction and facilitaing everyday language exposure

we teach difficult things in an easy and natural way

Parents about us:


„I wish to build a better world, in which communication is no longer a barrier and the awareness of children and parents of what is happening around them constantly grows”

Małgorzata Śmigielska

NatureEnglish was born from passion to teaching English to children and the need of building the healthy lifestyle and sensitivity to the world surrounding us. What also contributed to its creation, is the experience that we have been collecting from 2010 by teaching English to students at various age. At the beginning of 2013, we decided to go for an expedition and look for new methods, forms and inspiration for teaching which has been coming to us from different parts of the world. Years of working with children on various language projects in European countries contributed to the creation of NatureEnglish – innovative method using universal, natural and effective methods in language teaching from the first year of life.

„Children are like flower Seeds in the beautiful garden called Life’”

NatureEnglish children are also such Seeds, who need care to release their innate potential and develop natural capabilities of foreign language acquisition. If we want the Seeds to develop, they need to be regularly watered – not only with new knowledge and enriching experiences – but also with unconditional love and respect to the surrounding world. We take care of them in accordance with nature, smuggling English in ordinary, every-day situations, immersing them in the language while using their attentiveness and imagination in looking at and understanding the world – from the first year of life.

„When children encounter strong emotions, it is our duty to teach them how to manage them – we need to help them organize the inner noise in peace”.

I have always been fascinated with children – their curiosity of the world and attentiveness in every situation. During my work of many years, while traveling and reflecting I have concluded that these little beings often feel lost in the world full of diverse stimuli, where the surroundings change rapidly and which is noisy and colourful. Effectively, by being ‘over-stimulated’ children become distracted, nervous and frequently suffer from lack of concentration. In NatureEnglish world we wish to direct children’s attention to the inside, remind them how beautiful and important nature and openness to what is happening around us are in our lives. The best way to an honest smile and re-charging our inner reservoir of power is through contact with nature, and therefore Mother Nature became the element of all our characters’ stories.

Courses in NatureEnglish:

We offer total immersion in English thanks to innovative courses from the first year of life…

We are NatureBabies

A series of multi-sensor courses during which the fascinating adventures of NatureEnglish characters intertwine with our everyday live – thanks to which the foreign language is being acquired by our students in a natural way. Innovative materials were created and especially adjusted to every age group in NatureBabies courses.

We lead children into the world of English, helping them to get to know its sounds and intonation as well as understanding the basic instructions – it all begins in the emotionally stimulating environment, encouraging interaction from the first day of the course. At this stage, children start producing their first words in English as well as in their native language, frequently at the same time.


Robbie is 1 year old. He’s a friendly, little bunny, who accompanies our Little Ones all year long. By having constant fun, singing and moving the body, Robbie tells the stories of his and his peers world and everyday life, such as changing diapers or daily bathing. In addition, together with his friends – other animals – Robbie invites us to learn through adventures accompanied by beautiful nature.


Rosie is an older bunny, who is already two years old. She lives in her squeaky clean and perfectly organized tree house and she loves taking care of her garden full of fresh fruits and veggies. She is always accompanied by Teddy – her beloved cuddly toy. This course introduces and encourages Little Ones to more independent life without diapers and dummies, as Rosie loves to play an adult and always tells Teddy not to act like a child, teaching us how “big” girls and boys like her behave


Johnny is a very lively boy who discovers the world every day and learns about nature and its inhabitants. The whole course is divided into four stories showing the boy’s trips and travels to various places (trip to the sea, walk to the park, garden games and a picnic), where his daily experiences are very similar to the preferences and skills developed among pre-schoolers, such as playing in the yard and in the garden, birthday celebration or acts of independence (going to the toilet, dressing, eating, etc.).

We are NatureKids

During courses in NatureKids, we create an environment in which children get to know the world by means of creative play, see themselves as the integral part of nature and its elements. Children learn to intuitively grasp the meaning of the told stories, teacher’s speech and different structures related to the everyday life situations in the natural context. NatureKids is an ‘elemental’ course, full of movement and experiments, which allows kids to work off their energy while immersing in English in the friendly atmosphere. The courses support the development of basic skills of a child, its imagination, manual functions as well as enrich its personality by inculcating golden rules of co-existence in unity with nature.


Thousands of light years away from here lies a galaxy in which SpaceStars entertain, teach and shine. They differ not only in colours and emotions they shine from afar, but also in magical powers. This course introduces NatureKids not only to the solid fundamentals of the spoken language, but it also develops this skill by helping children recognize the most important emotions and teaching integral principles of group interaction. And the main character Uni? Uni is a completely different story…


Welcome to the magical and mysterious universe in which young Fairies (Moonie and Ray) not only prepare kids to go to school, but also, together with others, get them to know the world by observing its four elements and experience its life by learning English. Together with Moonie&Ray, children improve their spoken language skills, as well as begin to individually perform tasks and create handicrafts that develop their manual and creative skills… in English.


Greta is a young, brave and very curious reporter who travels the world on her flying mat. Through her stories, she introduces students to the world of colourful nature, diverse cultures and interesting people, while developing the skill of mindfulness by focusing on six basic human senses. Health and Ecology are some of her passions, that she talks about and shares with friends from around the world. By supporting the spontaneous language production in the right context, Greta provides a solid foundation for further development of the spoken language.

NatureTheatre & Mindfulness


A course which main aim is a natural communication in English as well as development of attentiveness and further shaping of concentration, memory, as well as creativity in children. During the year our little actors absorb structures and consolidate vocabulary related to various topics – during Theatre&Mindfulness classes they finally have a chance to use the language in the full form of expression.

During the classes we play and go into different roles by acting them out in English as well as learn the conscious, full of curiosity and openness experiencing of the moment, i.e. Mindfulness. The classes allow to recognise, understand and release emotions in us, and the process is full of music, singing, art and kinetic and developmental play in English.

NatureTheatre & Storytelling

NatureEnglish provides not only weekly language classes – we also teach English through theatre, by creating an ideal context for collective fun and empowering interaction, enabling real contact with English language!

NatureTheatre provides the incentives necessary to absorb the optimal amount of knowledge in the atmosphere full of surprises. In the magical world of NatureTheatre, children learn difficult things in an easy and natural way.

We provide:

  • unique linguistic diversity and animation: micro theatre, stories, songs, rhymes, word games, body percussion
  • multisensory manual and kinesthetic sessions in Bydgoszcz
  • a method combining language learning with building awareness of healthy life attitudes and sensitivity to the world around us

NatureTheatre in your kindergarten or nursery? Why not!

Call us, and we come and create the world of NatureEnglish with an atmosphere full of magic and creative learning in your institution.

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